Yemeni Telecommunications sector lose $1.4 billion

The Yemeni Ministry of Telecommunications and Information lost sustained as a result of the Saudi-led war at 4.1 billion dollars , equivalent to 2.5 trillion Yemeni riyals.

The Ministry  explained that direct aggression raids on civil telecommunications and postal sites and installations amounted to 2,398 air strikes, which led to a total destruction of 31% of the infrastructure and 23% of them were partially  to targeting telecommunications and postal infrastructure facilities and service centers in all provinces of the Republic.

The report confirmed that the aggression caused the complete isolation of 72 Yemeni regions and cities from the world and deprived more than one million and two hundred thousand from telecommunications and internet services.

The aggression also caused closure of more than 440 sites and communication facilities ,as for the cost of damages and initial material losses incurred by the telecommunications and postal sector amounted to $ 4.1 billion.

Telecommunications and Information Technology also confirmed that the frequent targeting of the national communication network infrastructure has weakened the services and affected more than 14 million users of communications and the Internet.

The report also pointed out that the coalition of aggression not only launched attacks on communications facilities, but also sought to wage a large-scale economic war.

The report considered this to be a crime and humanitarian violations of the Saudi-led coalition countries.

The ministry referred to the efforts, sacrifices and steadfastness of engineers and members of the telecommunications and postal sector during five years of war.