UAE ends Hadi’s government presence in Socotra  

Three brigades of Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi’s government forces Socotra Island have joined to the southern transitional council backed by UAE on Tuesday.

The brigades that announced their joining to the Emirati-backed transitional council belong to the first marines’ brigade, in Hadiboh the island’s capital.

The dissident brigades raised the flag of the southern Yemen state before unification. Reports also indicate that the Air Defense Battalion also expelled its leader, who belongs to the Yemeni Islah Party (the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen) Mohsen al-Zafini…

UAE started since the beginning of this year arrangements to bring down the authority of the pro-Saudi government through supporting rebellions inside it.

The rebellion comes just a day after Hadi’s government celebrated the storming of the Special Forces camp, who announced his members their joining to the transitional council.

Observers believe that this rebellion constitutes a major blow to the government forces, and they see that UAE has overthrown the authority of the government on Socotra.

Since the beginning of this year, the Emirati ruler on Socotra Khalfan Al Mazrou, started a new strategy after his country’s forces failed to control the strategic island by force.

The strategy emerged with the successive announcement of government forces battalions to join the pro-Emirati factions, beginning with the 3rd battalion of 1st Marine Brigade, which constitutes the strength of Hadi’s forces, up to the eighth battalion in this brigade alongside the Special Security Forces. Whose elements are in the hands of the transitional council Although Hadi’s forces celebrated on restoring the camp headquarters two days ago.

Now most of the brigades of the first brigade are under the command of the transitional council and its members and leaders except the Air Force commander who escaped from the camp have begun raise the flag of the south and take down Yemen’s republic flag from their sites and camps. This indicates that they are now under the command of Al-Mazroui, to change the situation on the island, which is witnessing an escalating tension amid the transitional threat to expel those it describes as the “Brotherhood” authority.

The Transitional council no longer needs a military operation all data on the field are in his favor, it may still hold papers within Hadi’s authority and forces. Due to the UAE’s intense purchase of loyalties at various levels, this is what favors the Council at this difficult time on both sides of the conflict within “legitimacy”, especially in light of international moves to conclude peace.

Recently, the governor of Socotra, appointed by the pro-Saudi Hadi government, Ramzi Mahrous, has returned. After a meeting with leaders of legitimacy calculated on Qatar. In addition, he started a new phase to end the UAE’s existence, by random targeting to its followers in the GPC party and transitional council, but this was short-lived and the situation turned against him. The United Arab Emirates landed its forces on the island in 2017, on the verge of realizing her dream of acquiring the jewel of the Indian Ocean.

Observers believe that UAE’s latest moves, asserts that it will not give up on the island as previously, asked Hadi to rent the island for a century,  according to the former press secretary at Hadi’s office Mukhtar Al-Rahbi. However, Hadi, who tried to bargain on the island, and tried to reduce the time of renting to half a century, now he is losing everything and the transitional handed the keys of the island to the emirates with a previous statement for transitional council head Aidroos Al-Zubaidi, In which he said that Socotra, which is located in the east of Yemen, is a United Arab Emirates island since ancient times.