Sana’a Army thwarts wide-ranging crawling in Al-Jawf

The forces loyal to the authorities in Sana’a announced that they foiled an extensive creeping by the Saudi-backed forces toward the Khub Wa Al Sha’af district of Al-Jawf province on Wednesday morning.

The spokesperson of Sana’a Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e, said, late Wednesday, that the Saudi- backed troops carried out four military crawls and the Saudi-led coalition warplanes launched more than 46 airstrikes during the past 24 hours on several provinces.

He pointed out that the large crawl was in Al-Jawf province that had been started from Wednesday  morning and continued until late afternoon.

“Our forces inflicted the enemy heavy losses in lives and equipment, killing and injuring dozens without making any progress,” he added.

Sarie noted that the aerial aggression launched 46  raids during the past 24  hours, including 18 raids on the Serwah district of Marib provinces.

The spokesperson of Sana’a Forces confirmed that the Saudi-backed forces are continuing their escalation, stressing that the aggression will be responded strongly.

Brigadier-General Sarie affirmed in a statement that the armed forces would not be restricted before the military escalation by the enemy.