Saudi Arabia push big military reinforcements to Al- Mahrah

Saudi Arabia pushed large military reinforcements into Al-Mahrah on Tuesday, eastern of Yemen in conjunction with the tribe’s announcement to return to escalation.

Tribal sources said that 18 military tankers carrying military equipment and ammunition arrived to separated areas in Al-Mahrah, where Saudi forces are stationed, coming from Al-Wadiah border crossing.

The new reinforcements ,contain modern armored vehicles, came with the announcement of the sit-in committee spokesperson, Salem Balhaf, on the return of tribe’s escalation against the Saudi moves.

Balhaf accused Riyadh of refusing to implement the 6-itmes Agreement.

Saudi military build-up in Al-Mahrah also coincides with international moves to pressure for a comprehensive cessation of the war in Yemen, which is likely, Saudi Arabia is seeking to enhance the chances of imposing its hegemony on the east coast of Yemen, prior of reaching any political settlement, it could end its war, which lasts for about five years.