Heavy rains sweep away two people and damaged houses in historical city of Sana’a

Many houses in the Old city of Sana’a were damaged- including a three-floor house distorted completely – by the floods and heavy  rain water that entered area, Director of the Old Sana’a district Ahmed al-Samat said.

Several houses in Al-Dahab neighborhood, Bustan al-Sultan, and Bab Al-Sabah in the capital were damaged due to floods flow into the capital from Khawlan district in Sana’a province, which witnessed heavy rains on Monday evening, according to al-Samat.

Al-Samat  pointed out that the torrential floods flowing to the capital led to a rise in the water level in al-Sailah (waterway) and damaged a number of neighborhoods and homes in the Old Sanaa.

Many families were evacuated from their homes in order to keep them safe and in anticipation of any emergency that might happen to them, al-Samat added.

in al-Sabeen district in the capital Sana’a, The torrential floods washed away two people on Monday evening, and almost caused the sinking of a family in a neighborhood of the capital.

according to Saba news agency , a family from Al-Batha neighborhood was rescued and transferred to a hospital in the capital, in addition to the evacuation of many families after the floods entered their homes in the neighborhoods of Qalfan, Al-Jarda, Al-Qadisiyah, Shumila and Hamraa Alab, said director of the district Mohammed al-Washali in a statement.

The evacuation and rescue operations are continuing, as the floods caused large damage to many homes, he added.