Saudi coup against peace in Yemen

On the rhythm of calls for a comprehensive solution in Yemen, Saudi Arabia announced a two-week truce, what suddenly pushes Riyadh to take such a step?

Is it really wants to enter into a comprehensive solution as its leaders repeated, or there are other motives through which Riyadh aims to overcome international pressure?

after Hours from entering the comprehensive Saudi truce, announced by the alliance, Yemen has witnessed an unprecedented military escalation that has emerged with air strikes and repeated crawling attempts for its mercenaries, according to a spokesman for Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie.

According to followers the first hours of the armistice was supposed to be strong and reflects Riyadh’s seriousness in aligning itself with the political solution, but the opposite is happening and it affirms that the armistice announced by Riyadh is just a maneuver.

Indeed, the Saudi initiative is based on several data, the first is the outbreak of Coronavirus within the royal family, according to the New York Times, and this is what forced the king to be isolated on a deserted island at a time a number of the Saudi regime leaders are suffering the epidemic. As if the Saudi armistice is just a quarantine, as it has become known to those who following the Yemeni and Saudi affairs.


On the other hand, Sana’a put Riyadh in a critical position after the Supreme Political Council threw the ball in the Alliance arena by presenting their vision of the solution in Yemen. Recently, Saudi Arabia was marketing itself as a sponsor of peace in Yemen, even with the launch of the truce initiative for two weeks, a number of its leaders led by Khalid bin Salman, Deputy Minister of Defense and Al-Jubeir Minister of Foreign Affairs raced to market the Saudi initiative as an entry point for the solution in Yemen , as if Saudi Arabia is trying to circumvent on Sana’a vision.

In both cases, the Saudi initiative does not have the basis of a solution not only because Riyadh, which is leading a war on Yemen, is trying to present itself as a sponsor of the Yemeni parties, in an attempt to shirk its responsibility towards the consequences of 6 years of war, rather, as Sana’a can see, it is trying to block the road to international efforts to draw a clear and real path to peace in Yemen. According to the opinion of the head of the national delegation, Mohamed Abdel Salam.

Before the Saudi initiative, international attention was heading towards a final horizon for a solution when the Russian ambassador to Yemen shed lighting on the proximity of a round of negotiations between the Yemeni parties through a closed circle. Elena Dolosier, an expert at the Washington Institute for Middle East Policy, one of the most important research centers in the United States, expected a peace deal between the Houthis and the transitional, as well as others with Sana and Riyadh related to setting the borders, in addition to the growing calls by several international parties to stop the war and devote themselves to confront Coronavirus  not to mention the vision that Sana’a launched.


These successive developments indicate that Riyadh is currently disturbed by the calls for peace, especially as it is in a state of weakness after the liberation of al-Jawf province and large parts of Marib province by the forces of Sana’a, but it does not have a ploy, in the face of international moves, So it rushed to announce a temporary truce, and media reports say that came on the advice of United States and United Nations.


Riyadh was not ready for a solution in Yemen not with regard to the north, but also in the south of Yemen, where its affiliated parties foiled Riyadh Agreement. It is now trying to find a loophole to take a gain on the floor on both sides of the country, that has refused its presence than ever before ..