Recording the first confirmed case of covid-19 in Yemen

The supreme Epidemic Control Committee in the Yemeni government loyal to Saudi Arabia, announced today’s Friday morning, the first case of coronavirus (Covid-19), in  Hadhramaut east of Yemen.

This is the first confirmed infection with Coronavirus has been recorded.

The Saudi-backed government controls all open ports of the country.

Yemen has being suffering of general deterioration of the health sector because of the ongoing war since 2015.

Sana’a Authority ( Houthis and their partners) accused Saudi coalition of deliberately spreading coronavirus, and accused Hadi government of be negligent in taking precautionary measures.

The Undersecretary of Health ministry in Sana’a, Dr. Muhammad Al-Mansour said that speeding up procedural and speedy decisions has become necessary, the first of which is closing the ports and preventing the manifestations of gatherings.

Al-Mansour considered that what was announced by the legitimate government in Hadhramaut, of recording of the first confirmed case of coronavirus, is an unfortunate and the outlets must be completely closed.

Al-Mansour revealed a state of negligent of the pro-coalition government against the Corona virus.

Al-Mansour called on the citizens to pay serious attention to the instructions and directives of the Health ministry