Houthis announced comprehensive vision to end the war

The head of the Sana’a-based government’s national negotiation delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam announced today that they delivered “A comprehensive national vision” to the united nations to end the war in Yemen.

Abdulsalam said in new post on his twitter page that “ our vision call to complete ending of the war in Yemen and comprehensive cessation of the blockade that guarantees the safety, unity and independence of Yemen”

He added that “our vision establishes political dialogue in accordance with a new transitional phase,”

For his part , the member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi said on twitter that the Houthis sent vision to the UN envoy to end the war.

“ I told Mr. Griffiths that we will not excepted segmented solutions that do not make the citizen and the Yemeni people as a priority,”

He added that “any segmented  solutions will not provide benefit visions of Yemen’s economic, independence and full sovereignty,”

According to Al-Houthi any agreement for ending the war need public referendum to become effective.