Sana’a fired Ballistic missile targeting Al-Shajri camp in Abyan

Sana’a  army spokesman announced targeting army camp loyal to Hadi government in southern  Abyan  with a ballistic missile early Wednesday.

Brigadier General Yahya Sarie confirmed that the ballistic missile “Qasem” hit its goal accurately.

According to Sarie Dozens of  (mercenaries) were killed and wounded when the Yemeni army fired a ballistic missile on their gathering in Abayn province.

Sarie pointed out that the launch of the ballistic missile came in response to the escalation of the violence coalition in Al- Bayda province.

He said that the ballistic missile “Qasem” is hitting Hadi forces while they were preparing  to lunch Military crawl toward areas controlled by Sana’a in Al-Bayda province.

The spokesperson of Sana’a Forces threatened Saudi-led coalition: “ our long hand (ballistic missile) will reach you wherever you are”

Recently the Saudi-led coalition escalate military operations in  Al-Bayda province – central of Yemen- on order to mitigate the pressure on its loyal forces that besieged by Sana’a  forces in their last stronghold in Marib province.