300 Airstrikes in a week… Sana’a: Saudi-led coalition escalation would not pass

The Saudi-led coalition aircraft has implemented  more than 300 raids on several provinces in the last week causing dozens of casualties, according to the spokesman of Sana’a army.

Brigadier General Yahya Sarie confirmed  in official statement that many of those attacks result  war crimes among  civil added to the coalition crime across Yemen especially in some areas such as Sa’ada  province.

Sarie threatened Saudi-led coalition to respond to this escalation” the dangerous escalation of aggression would not pass without an appropriate response.” Adding that  “It is our duty to defend our people and our country,”

In addition,  the Saudi-led coalition carried out 78 airstrikes on Al- Bayda and Marib provinces during the last 24 hours.

Sana’a army vowed to attack sensitives goals inside Saudi and UAE

The Saudi-led coalition airplanes launched 33 air raids on Marib and Al-Jawf provinces and Nehim district of Sana’a province on Wednesday, a security official said.

The aggression coalition aircrafts  waged 26 separate raids on al-Hazm and Khab Washaaf districts in Al-Jawf, and four raids on Marib,  addition to three airstrikes hit Nehim district, eastern Sana’a.

The Saudi-led coalition has conducted over 250,000 airstrikes since 2015, when Saudi Arabia launched Operation Decisive Storm to fight the Houthis and restore the government of Yemen.