Houthis reject accusation of targeting women jail in Taiz

The official spokesperson of armed forces in Sana’a ( Houthis and their allies), brigadier, yahyia Sarie, refused the accusations that have been directed by the coalition and the legitimacy government loyal to the coalition to Sana’a forces of targeting Women’s Central prison in Taiz province.
Brigadier-General Sari said his forces categorically denied the accusations. He added that such lies will not change the course of the enemy’s criminal reality or exempt him of his comprehensive crime against the Yemeni people. Yesterday, artillery shells targeted a women’s prison in Taiz Governorate and resulted in the death and injury at least 30 women
AlKhabar AlYemeni website revealed on the day that the shells fell in the midst of a conflict between two officers in the forces loyal to the coalition in Al-Dhabab region, and it fired from 17 Brigade that belong to the legitimacy, while there was light and medium weapons fire. In addition, the latter’s media accused Sana’a of being behind the crime, despite not confronting with it.
The site said the shells were from a short-range 82 mortar, which confirms that it fired from nearby place.