Sanaa’s terrifying defense strategy for alliance


By unveiling the new defense system, Sanaa has complicated the mission of the Saudi-Emirati coalition to bring down Yemen, and increased the possibility to greatest defeat on the soil of this land, which was known historically as the “cemetery of invaders”, so what are the options to avoid that?
Exclusive- AlKhabar AlYemeni:
Yemen’s Sky is no longer available as the Defense Minister of the rescue Government says, this time it is not just statement, but coupled with evidence based on new systems of air defenses titled three Generations of Thaqib missiles and the first generation of Fatir-1missiles.
These systems are not only for display, It has already entered service within the framework of the actual test, as a video clip, where the president of the Political Council has watched the stages of developing these systems over the past 5 years with Yemeni experiences, according to Sana’a forces spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie.
The effectiveness of these systems was of great impact and changed the course of the battles on the ground. Since talking about it, at the end of last year, dozens of planes between reconnaissance, combat and Apache helicopters were shot down, and those operations were recorded throughout the areas under the control of Sana’a forces.
The Aviation largely neutralized the battlefronts, which enabled Sana’a forces to record heroic epics not only in recent progression from Nihm to Marib and Al-Jawf In fact, they even reached the depth of Saudi Arabia by recording extensive operations in storming the brigades and military hubs in Najran, Jizan, and Asir.
in favor of Sana’a, this system will make a big difference in the equation.
Securing the atmosphere means resolving the air battle that the coalition tried from the first sight of its war in March of 2015 to control it.
Not only will prevent aircraft from flying or carrying out raids on the capital, Rather, this step will provide cover for fighters in the field.
This will give these people new energy to restore all lands, and their ground operations may cross the borders due to the nature of their fighting and field achievements away from flying.
Saudi Arabia is aware to the impact of this system, and its danger in future to the flight that has recently declined due to the repeated setbacks of aviation, and knows that it is the beginning of the end of a war that ate the land and killed people, but it has nothing just to confront.
On Sunday, Saudi tried to find out her capabilities by resuming its raids on the capital, Sana’a, after halting for more than a month, but it has not yet the honor of receiving, This increases her insanity and may drive her for a dangerous adventure
However, this will not help get Saudi Arabia and its alliance out of the quagmire as much as it will enhance its swallowing. The most comfortable thing that make her pull out might now be the political negotiations, without it, the indicators of war have already been decided.

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