It is not Al Mahrah tribes the first of them… Get to know on Saudi’s demonization to the opposed Yemeni power

For decades, Saudi Arabia has been following the method of demonization to the opponents who oppose its interference in Yemen, or who think that it poses a threat to its domination in this country, as a prelude to eliminating them or reducing their influence as political forces, but this policy now seems futile and almost turns the table on Riyadh.
Exclusive-AlKhbar AlYemeni-
In the 1990s, Saudi Arabia fueled the war between north and south of Yemen
The aim was to eliminate the remaining military arsenal of the Socialist Party state in Aden After it was failed to foil it in the sixties this was evident in party’s Fatwas of Takfir.
In 2015 a coalition of 17 countries led the war on Yemen, In an attempt to eliminate Houthis who revolted against the remnants of the previous regime and were able to overthrow his regime, and after failing to prevent houthis’ expansion since 2004 under the pretext that they were subordinate to Iran.
In 2018, Saudi Arabia started a war against Islah Party – the Muslim Brotherhood branch in Yemen – even though its right hand in the war on Yemen since 2015. And its long hand of penetration in Yemen since decades and the charge was the subordination of Islah to Qatar.
At the end of 2019 Saudi Arabia started its war against the Southern Transitional Council on the pretext its subordination to “Emirates,
Since then, it has also waged a war against “legitimacy” on the pretext of its subordination to Turkey.
Today, Saudi Arabia is launching a war against the Al-Mahra tribes east of Yemen under the pretext of its subordination to the Sultanate of Oman, and other allegations, including smuggling weapons to Houthis …
Saudi Arabia is not only limited in its demonization to its opponents on the political and tribal powers, but also on the figures who were part of the legitimacy that it claims to support it in Yemen, e.g. the ministers Ahmed Al-Maisari and Saleh al-Jabwani, who have been attacked through Saudi media intensively during the last period After their criticize to alliance policy, and consider them as legitimacy penetrators. It is also practice that with other active officials who against its policy in Yemen.
Saudi means diversified in targeting its opponents in Yemen, between direct military intervention, as in the case of Socialist and Houthis, Use terrorist groups as in the case of transitional council and Islah party, and AlMahra tribes, trying to ignite a civil war of a regional or sectarian nature, feeding tribal differences inside the political components.
In the thirties of the last century, Saudi Arabia used the tribes of the south against Imam Yahiya; the aim was to subject Imam Yahya to Al-Taif Agreement, through which Saudi Arabia captured large areas of northern Yemen. In the nineties, it used the north against the south to end the war by taking over large parts of Yemen’s lands in the south.
With the rise of the Houthis, Saudi Arabia realized that its hand, represented by the Special Committee and its influence over the fragile Yemeni state, had ended with the declaration of Houthis’ war on external interference that had exhausted the country.
When it failed to advance north, it is now trying to disintegrating its loyalists in the governorates under its control, by weakening these forces and making the resources of these wealthy governorates a gain for them..
In AlMahra there is another dimension, this province which is far from the battlefield
Saudi Arabia wants to extend a sea channel through its territory, known as Salman Channel, and this channel will connect Saudi Arabia with the Arabian Sea. In addition to laying a pipeline to export oil through the coast of the governorate.
Results :
Contrary to its situation in 1990s and before, where it were able to impose its agendas on Yemeni powers north and south and president were taking permission to appoint officials, Saudi Arabia is now in a critical situation..In the north, the data confirm that Saudi Arabia’s influence ended forever.
Even in the south and east, Riyadh is losing its influence. In light of its desperate attempts to end the local powers at the expense of strengthening its influence there..
The indications confirm that it is on its way to confront with the transitional forces in Aden, Islah in Ma’rib, Shabwah, Hadhramaut, Taiz, and the tribes in Al Mahrah and Socotra.
As with the Tihama brigades on the West Coast
Saudi Arabia has no cards other than playing on the differences of these powers
To maintain its dominance extending from the far north to the far south and from the east in Al Mahra to the coast in the west.

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