Exclusive- an Emirati requirement on Saudi Arabia to restore AlJawf, and Nihm and arrive to Sana’a.

Information obtained by the Yemeni news from three Yemeni officials two of them has close relation with UAE, revealed that Abu Dhabi will return its forces to Ma’rib, as trained factions by (joint forces and southern forces) that will participate in restoring the fronts that controlled by the Sana’a forces during the last period , as it will lead the battle to control Sana’a.

Exclusive- Alkhabar AlYemeni:

Information confirmed that UAE return to Ma’rib and the participation of its trained forces, rely on Saudi response to the demands of correcting legitimacy, and pressure on president AbdRabo Mansour Hadi, to make real change in the structure of military and security apparatuses and local authority.

According to information UAE suggest to appoint the leader in GPC party Dhiab Ben Moaily, as governor of Ma’rib, and displace the defense minister, Mohamed Almakdeshy, and a number of military leaderships in areas and brigades belong to Islah party.

It is not known yet whether Saudi Arabia will agree to Emirati demands or not, but an official in the legitimacy told Alkhabar AlYemeni that Riyadh will not agree on transforming north to another copy of South, under UAE dominance.

UAE withdraw its forces from Ma’rib last year.   


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