International confirmation: the Al-Islah Party rejected a new offer on Qahtan

On Thursday, the United Nations confirmed that the Al-Islah Party, the de facto authority in the city of Marib “northeast Yemen”, had rejected a new offer from Sanaa regarding the party’s leader, Mohammed Qahtan.

Exclusive – Al-khabar Al-Yemeni:

Abdul Qader Al-Murtada, the head of the prisoner committee for the Sanaa delegation, said that they had received a notice from the United Nations stating that the party had rejected a new proposal related to disclosing the fate of the party’s leader, Mohammed Qahtan.

Al-Murtada explained in a post on his official social media page that the proposal called for disclosure by what he described as “mercenaries” regarding the fate of a group of prisoners and detainees from Sanaa fighters in their prisons in Marib in exchange for officially disclosing Qahtan’s whereabouts. He confirmed that they had provided a list of prisoners’ names to them a few days ago.

Al-Murtada considered that Al-Islah’s rejection of the offer confirms that the group’s motivation for doing so is to hinder efforts to conclude the exchanges of the humanitarian file, not to reveal Qahtan’s fate.

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