Insan organization reveals in a press conference aggression’s crimes and violations and its mercenaries against civilian detainees

Insan Organization for Rights and Liberties confirmed, yesterday in Sana’a, that the number of civilian abductees in the prisons of the aggression and its mercenaries reached 1,200, including women and children, during the year (November 2021-May 2023).
The head of the organization, Amir al-Din Jahaf, said in a press conference organized by the organization under the title (crimes and violations against civilian detainees in the prisons of the aggression and its mercenaries) that the conference comes within the framework of revealing facts and shedding light on what is happening in terms of tragedies and flagrant violations against civilian detainees, (expatriates, travelers, students, academics, women and children) who are kidnapped, forcibly disappeared, and tortured in various ways, which often lead to murder. Pointing out that the organization has monitored and documented many crimes against human rights and freedoms, monotheistic religions, customs and traditions, and that some of the reasons for arbitrary arrests have been monitored, including sectarian, political, regional and family affiliation.
During the press conference, in which a number of local, Arab and international media participated, Jahaf reviewed what was monitored and documented by Insan in the mercenary prisons in Marib, Mocha and the southern regions of kidnapping, enforced disappearance and liquidation of civilians. Emphasizing that the number of civilian abductees documented by the organization since its establishment in November 2021 to May 2023 reached nearly 1,200 abductees, including women and children, 256 civilian abductees were released, including 198 who were freed in exchange deals. MENA reported that the number of civilian detainees in Marib province alone has reached more than 645 detainees. It reviewed a number of prisons names in which abductees are held and killed in Marib, Hadhramaut, Aden, al-Mahrah, Socotra and Mocha, including six prisons in Ma’rib and eight in Mocha and the southern provinces.
The head of Insan Organization added that through the check up that were conducted for the detainees released from those prisons, it was found that there are widespread epidemics, most notably tuberculosis.
There is also severe negligence on the part of those working in these prisons in providing medical services, and international and local organizations are not allowed to visit the detainees. In addition, in some prisons, a number of civilian detainees and prisoners are being liquidated. Pointing out that a number of violations and crimes committed inside prisons against detainees have been monitored and documented, including arresting civilians, taking them to prisons, merging them with prisoners of war, and bargaining with them in exchange deals. As well as physical and psychological violations, which led to the injury of many psychological conditions.
Pointing out that the organization monitored 18 murders in Marib prisons against detainees, including women.
Jahaf condemned the continued kidnapping of civilians, denouncing these flagrant violations against defenseless civilians. The arrest of civilians and the commission of crimes against them is considered a clear violation of international covenants and treaties and a clear violation of international humanitarian law, including the four Geneva Conventions and the two protocols appended to them. Calling on the United Nations and all international and local organizations to do their duty towards what is being done against civilian detainees. Calling on the United Nations and all international and local organizations to do their duty towards what is being done against civilian detainees.
In addition, Samira Marsh and a number of detainees’ families reviewed the repercussions of their being kidnapped and how they were kidnapped without any reasons. Pointing out that all charges that they are trying to fabricate against the detainees are baseless and have nothing to do with reality. They also touched on the methods of torture that detainees are subjected to inside prisons, expressing their thanks to the leader of revolution, Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, for his interest in the detainees and his endeavor to get them out of the oppressors prisons.
They commend the efforts of Insan Organization and its role in highlighting the detainees’ cases and monitoring and documenting the violations and crimes committed against them. We call on international organizations to assume responsibility and play their role in releasing all civilian detainees.

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