Saudi threat to target leaders of the Transitional Council in Hadramout

After Aidarous Al-Zubaidi relocated to the province to attend a meeting of the so-called National Assembly, Saudi activists close to the royal court have threatened to target the leaders of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Hadramout.

The Saudi activist Ali Al-Arishi wrote that the Transitional Council leaders, after repeatedly stumbling on the annexation of Hadramout, suddenly decided to ride their rented armored vehicles and join Hadramout.

Al-Arishi hinted that these leaders will not be safe in Hadramout, saying: “They only entered it out of fear, and they will leave it the same way.”

Former Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Ali Al-Hamdan, said that “Hadramout is part of Saudi Arabia’s national security, and Saudi Arabia will not allow chaos and conflict to spread to it, nor will it allow this province to become a base for foreign forces known for their conspiracies and efforts to tear apart Yemen’s unity.”

Al-Hamdan warned those he described as “rushing” to ignite strife in Hadramout that their movements are monitored and they will bear the consequences.

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