Hadramout forces responded on topple Al-Mukalla with seven points, most notably militarily

On Thursday, Hadrami forces announced seven points regarding the future of the rich province, which is going through a difficult period due to local conflicts and regional polarizations.

This came at the conclusion of the consultative meeting held in the city of Seiyun, the administrative center for the Oil Plateau Directorates in the Wadi and desert of Hadramout.

“Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni”:

The final statement of the meeting, organized by the reference of the tribal alliance of Hadramout, one of the most important tribal and social forces, rejected what it described as the invasion of Al-Mukalla by bringing forces from outside the province, holding the coalition responsible for the repercussions of ”what will not end well”, while affirming that Hadrami forces will not remain idle.

The statement also confirmed that Hadramout has the elements to declare itself an independent state or a territory within the unified state of Yemen, indicating the formation of a special delegation to meet with the Saudi king, his crown prince, the south’s pro-coalition president, and the north of Yemen.

The statement described the movements of the Transitional Council in Al-Mukalla as provocative.

The statement also revealed the formation of a coordination council between Hadrami components and currents while adhering to supporting the local authority to enable its military and civilian sons, in reference to supporting Governor Ben Madee in confronting Faraj Al-Bahsani, who is loyal to the Transitional Council.

This meeting sends a strong message to the Transitional Council, which is preparing to announce the inclusion of Hadramout into its authority in Aden in a few days.

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