Transitional Council confirms the fall of Mukalla

The Transitional Council, calling for secession of southern Yemen, confirmed, on Tuesday, the fall of Mukalla city, the administrative center of Hadramout. This comes on the eve of arrangements to annex the city to Aden.

“Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni”:

The transitional media circulated videos on the process of raising the flags of the south in the streets of Mukalla, and another of the removal of the Yemeni flag from the Republican Palace, the Police College, and other vital facilities.

Those media quoted on sources in Hadramout as saying that the campaign to raise the flags of the south was carried out under the directives of the Vice President of the Transitional Council, Faraj Al-Bahsani, who arrived two days ago in Mukalla after suspending his work in the Presidency.

Al-Bahsani had met earlier with the President of the Transitional Council in Hadramout and agreed with him to arrange the convening of the National Assembly for the Transitional Council for the first time, amid doubts about the intentions of the Transitional Council especially with dedicating the memory of Yemeni unity as a date for the meeting.

In the context, activists in the Transitional Council shared pictures of the commander of the Special Security Forces in the Transitional Council in Aden, Lahij, Abyan and Al-Dhalea, Fadl Baa’ish, while he was inspecting the sites and points of the Transitional Forces in the center of Mukalla.

Baa’ish, who arrived two days ago in the city from Aden, supervised the security arrangements for holding the meeting of the National Assembly.

Baa’ish’s movements come at a time when STC has sent more reinforcements to the city, apparently in anticipation of military developments that may get the situation out of its control.

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