Hadramout tribes are preparing to declare the independence of the oil plateau

Hadramout tribes escalated, on Tuesday, against STC’s efforts to announce the secession of Hadramout coast by hinting at the independence of the valley and the desert.

“Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni”:

Earlier today, the city of Seiyun hosted the meeting of the Supreme Authority of Hadhramaut Tribes Reference, which includes the majority of the valley and desert tribes.

The meeting devoted, according to tribal sources, to discuss arrangements for a consultative meeting for all Hadhrami components to find out about recent developments in the oil province.

The tribes set next Thursday as the date for the upcoming meeting in Seiyun city, just two days before the transitional event in Mukalla.

The sources reported that Hadhramaut tribes’ authority received a Saudi green light by declaring the independence of the valley and desert districts, which include the most important oil and gas fields, in the event that UAE-backed transitional government insisted on overthrowing Mukalla.

Today’s meeting confirmed the depth and strength of the relationship between Hadhramaut tribes and Saudi Arabia.

The new moves reflect the scale of the crisis between the coalition countries and the extent of its impact on the divided situation in the most important oil province, eastern Yemen.

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