Sana’a sends a new message to Saudi Arabia

On Sunday, the government of Sana’a, “northern Yemen,” sent a new message to the Saudi-Emirati coalition.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni

The member of the Political Council, Mohammed Al-Houthi, hinted at the possibility of resuming military operations in the deep of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Houthi urged the Yemeni people to be ready in a speech to thousands of protestors in Sana’a, accusing “the aggression,” in reference to Saudi Arabia and UAE, of procrastinating in stopping the aggression and lifting the blockade.

Al-Houthi advised the coalition not to rely on the Iron Dome, confirming that the Israeli defense system failed to intercept the resistance missiles.

Al-Houthi’s warning came as Saudi Arabia tried to maneuver again.

The Saudi ambassador, Mohammed al-Jaber, preempted the second round of negotiations with Sana’a through Omani mediation by maneuvering again on the issues of salaries and mediation.

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