Al-Hasani: The Secret Prisons of UAE are crimes that do not subject to a statute of limitations

“The Yemeni political activist Adel Al-Hasani said that the Emirati secret prisons in Yemen are crimes that do not subject to a statute of limitations, and it is a violation of human rights, the UN Charter, and international justice laws.”

“Al-Hasani, in a statement to Masa Press, pointed out that the secret prisons established by UAE in southern Yemen began in 2015, confirming that these prisons, in their atrocity and the crimes committed in, are no less heinous than those committed the United States in Guantanamo detention camp.”

“Al-Hasani stated that these prisons are located in the provinces of Aden, Lahij, Abyan, Shabwah, and Hadramout. The most significant of these were Coalition Headquarters Prison where Emirati forces are located in Aden, followed by ‘Al-Rayyan Airport Prison,’ and then ‘Balhaf Gas Facility Prison’ in Shabwah, as well as another prison at Ataq Airport in Al-Mahrah. He added that there is a prison in Camp 20 in Aden, a prison in Al-Wahda Stadium in Abyan, a prison in the October 7th Factory belonging to Abdul Latif Al-Sayed, a prison in Abu Al-Yamamah Brigade which was the facilities brigade in Al-Buraiqah area in Aden, a prison in Ras Abbas camp, and a UAE prison on the Eritrean island of Assab which was later transferred to Al-Rayyan Airport Prison, as well as other prisons that I cannot recall at present.”

“Al-Hasani affirmed that these prisons were observed in reports by UN Security Council specialists interested in Yemen.”

He also confirmed that the UAE practiced various forms of torture in these prisons and that many detainees died as a result of torture. Al-Hasani also pointed out what he previously revealed during the past years about the names of many detainees who died in Abu Dhabi’s secret prisons in southern Yemen. One of the most important prisons where detainees died as a result of torture is ‘Wadaah Hall Prison,’ which is a nightclub run by ‘Yusran Al-Maqtri’ and ‘Shalal Ali Shaie’, overseen by the Emirati called ‘Hitler’. Al-Hasani emphasized that, in general, all the prisons established and supervised by the UAE are managed by an Emirati officer named ‘Abu Khalifa Saeed Mohammed Al-Khamees Al-Niyadi’.”

“Al-Hasani confirmed that most of the victims of these prisons are those who fought alongside the Coalition against forces of Sana’a and Houthis.” He added that there were prisoners from the Sana’a forces detained in “Bir Ahmad” prison at the Coalition headquarters in Aden, but most of the detainees in this prison at the time were those who fought with the Coalition in what was known as “the Resistance.”

“Activists have launched a social media campaign to condemn the disregard of the abducted issues of abducted and hidden prisoners in the secret prisons of United Arab Emirates in the southern provinces.”

“The participants in the campaign, launched hashtag #Secret_Prisons_of_UAE,” denouncing the complicity of what is known as the Presidential Council in the continuation of enforced disappearance, arrest, and torture of the abducted.

“The participants in the campaign pointed out the deaths of some detainees due to enforced torture, noting that the number of detainees is increasing day by day, as new detention centers have been established on the western coast under the administration of Tariq Saleh.”

“The participants called for a speedy revelation disclosure on the fate of those abducted in the secret prisons of UAE for more than 8 years, stressing that this issue cannot be ignored or forgotten.”

“The Association of the Mothers of the Abductees in the City of Aden, Southern Yemen, condemned on Sunday, the disregard their sons’ issue of in the ongoing international peace talks while also calling for the immediate release of their sons.”

According to a statement published by Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni, “the association highlighted the 60 forcibly hidden prisoners in Aden for seven years whose mothers have no idea of their fate despite repeated appeals for their immediate release.”

“The statement said: “Our voices have been raised as we appeal to reveal our sons and release them, but there is no answer.” “We, the moms, either pass away from sadness over the loss of our loved ones or get weary from illnesses brought on by the psychological agony, anxiety, and fear we have for our sons.”

“The mothers of the disappeared condemned in front of the headquarters of the Transitional Council in Aden the continuous disregard and procrastination of the issue of their sons, calling for their immediate release and the accountability of those who committed these violations against them.”

According to the statement, “the mothers called on human rights organizations to support their cause and raise their files in the hallways of international peace talks to support the efforts of their families to reveal the fate of their sons so that the desired peace can be achieved.”

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