Exclusive: Saudi Arabia drops the three references

Informed political sources revealed that the draft political agreement being discussed in Sana’a includes the special development of a declaration on the principles of the comprehensive agreement, which means dropping the three references.
Exclusive – Alkhabar Alyemeni:
According to the sources, the Comprehensive Agreement’s principles will be in lieu of the three references that are no longer applicable, and through it, the political path will be determined during the coming period.
On Sunday evening, the head of the Supreme Political Council in Sana’a, Mahdi Al-Mashat, met a Saudi delegation headed by Ambassador Muhammad Saeed Al Jaber and in the presence of the Omani mediator, to discuss the initial draft agreement.
Media sources close to the coalition revealed that the initial agreement includes a number of items, most notably the renewal of the armistice for a period of six months, during which oil exports will be resumed from Yemeni ports and the salaries of civil and military state employees will be paid from its revenues, including employees working in the areas of Sana’a authority, as well as the lifting of the blockade completely on Yemeni ports and airports, particularly the port of Al-Hodeidah and Sana’a airport.
The sources pointed out that the agreement includes the departure of the coalition forces from Yemeni territory within a year of the adoption of the understandings, entering into a dialogue on the issue of unifying revenues, and unifying the Central Bank, agreeing on the form of the state and the mechanism for producing a consensual authority in which all parties participate.
Saudi Arabia began to implement some procedures, as it was announced that ships would enter Yemeni ports, according to the pre-war mechanism.

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