New Agreement between Sana’a and Riyadh

Sana’a government confirmed on Thursday that it had reached a new agreement with Saudi Arabia regarding the release of the most prominent detainees in the Kingdom.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Hussein Al-Ezzi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Salvation Government of Sana’a, stated in a post on his official page on social media that Sana’a had received Saudi assurances of the decision to release the Yemeni detainee, Marwa Al-Sabri, expecting her release within two days.

Al-Ezzi indicated that Sana’a is looking forward to more positive initiatives to include Samira Marsh, Ashari and everyone else.

The Saudi authorities arrested Al-Sabri while she appeared in the sanctuary criticizing the Saudi war on Yemen.

Al-Sabri was subjected to an urgent trial, and she was sentenced to a full year in prison.

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The details of the deal to release Al-Sabri are not yet clear, but its coincidence with news of progress in the prisoner negotiations hosted by the Swiss capital, Geneva, is an indication that it is within the ongoing arrangements for the release of prisoners, in which Saudi Arabia participates and relies on it to release about 16 officers.

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