Saudi Forces Continue Target Border Areas in Saada

The death toll of the Saudi attacks on the border district of Shada in Saada province, rose on Wednesday to four civilian casualties.

A medical source confirmed the arrival of three martyrs at Razih Rural Hospital, who were killed by the Saudi army’s fire in the border district of Shada, and another one injured.

Earlier Wednesday, a wounded citizen had arrived at Razih Rural Hospital as a result of artillery shelling of the Saudi enemy in the same district, and the Saudi enemy’s spy drones launched several raids on the Al-Hajla area in the border district of Razih.

On Tuesday, a citizen was killed and five others were wounded, after the Saudi army opened fire at the popular markets in the Al-Raqaw area of the border district of Munabbih.

The Saudi-led coalition spy planes launched on Tuesday two attacks on the border district of Razeh, Saada province, northern Yemen, a security source told Yemen Press Agency.

This comes hours after areas in the border district of Sheda were subjected to Saudi artillery shelling.

During the past couple days, six civilians, including African immigrants, were injured as a result of the continued Saudi attacks on the border areas of Saada.

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