New Negotiations between Islah, Socialist and Houthis

The Yemeni capital, Sana’a, hosted in last week, new meetings between the Yemeni forces. This comes in parallel with the negotiations in Sana’a and the coalition in Muscat.

A member of the Political Bureau of Anssarallah movement, Ali al-Qahoum, published a photo of his meeting with the head of the Central Committee of the Socialist Party, Yahya Abu Asbaa, and the prominent leader of Islah Party, Muhammad Jabari.

Al-Qahoum did not disclose the scenes of the meeting, but its timing indicates that it is within the framework of bridging the rift between the Yemeni forces, especially in light of the coalition’s efforts to get out of the quagmire of the war on Yemen and leave the Yemeni forces languishing under the weight of civil conflicts, according to what observers see.

Al-Qahoum had previously attacked Saudi Arabia, accusing it of trying to seek to be the guardian of Yemen.

The socialist may promote rapprochement with the southern powers as their legacy since his pre-unification power, including the modern one, whereas, Islah is the most prominent target force of the coalition currently.

It is noteworthy that Sana’a was announced by more than one leader extending its hand to rapprochement with the Yemeni forces, especially with the start of negotiations led by the Sultanate of Oman between the coalition and Sana’a.

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