Sana’a Threaten to Target Pro-UAE Forces in Mocha

The Sana’a team for redeployment in Hodeidah revealed, on Monday, the flow of weapons and drugs to Mocha, which is controlled by the UAE-loyal factions led by Tariq Saleh, stressing that this is “clearly done,” in addition to the fact that the same factions continue to undermine maritime navigation.

The head of the Sana’a team, Major General Ali Al-Mushki, confirmed that the movement of the coalition factions and the flow of weapons to them in Mocha, and their undermining of the maritime traffic will make them a legitimate target for the Sana’a forces, if necessary.

Major General Al-Moshki said during his meeting with the head of the United Nations mission, General Michael Beary, and his team to support the Hodeidah agreement, that Sana’a is trying to build confidence with the UN team, but we are surprised that it rushed more than once to the other party that rejects peace, considering that “the other party’s boycott of the committee’s work is a continuation of its combat and aggressive operations.” and his unwillingness to make peace.”

In his speech to the UN mission, the head of the Sana’a team indicated that they “did not provide anything to the Mine Action Center, and we did not see any service from you to the citizens on the ground,” while General Perry expressed his hope that “help will be provided in order for security and stability to prevail and to address the mine problem.” Spreading awareness among citizens about its dangers.

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