Targeting Ships in Arabian Sea Escalated

The speed of targeting commercial ships in the Arabian Sea escalated, with the discovery of three new operations.

This comes in light of an international race to dominate the strategic region there.

In a report, Britain revealed that three ships, one Emirati and the other two Israeli, were subjected to new attacks this month.

The British Maritime Security Company indicated in a statement that the attacks were carried out by drones, an attempt to hint at Iran’s support.

A British disclosure of the attacks came only two days after it announced the reinforcement of its forces deployed in the Arabian Sea with a new battleship, and the British Minister of Defense spoke of his intention to deploy permanent forces in the maritime area extending from the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

It is not yet clear whether the British reports are part of an attempt to market new fears to ensure their survival there or reflect actual operations, but in any case they reflect an international and regional conflict that may destabilize maritime navigation in that region, which Saudi Arabia seeks to be an alternative to the Strait of Hormuz, which is under Iranian control.

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