Anssarallah Leader Warns Saudi Coalition: Our Patience Will Run Out

The leader of Yemeni Anssarallah movement, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, warned the Saudi-Emirati coalition against “procrastination” and advises the coalition for taking advantage of the time granted by Sana’a for negotiations, stressing that the situation is a state of war and that what happened is a reduction in escalation only while the war continues.

al-Houthi, has settled the controversy over what the Yemeni people are going through during the current stage of the state of no war and no peace in light of the continued violations by the Saudi-led coalition.

In his speech on the anniversary of the martyrdom of the leader Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, Sayyed Abdulmalik confirmed that the current stage that Yemen is going through is a stage of war.

Addressing the coalition, Al-Houthi said: We send warning and advice together to the countries of Saudi coalition: “Our patience will run out if you do not initiate a serious and practical understanding in the humanitarian and livelihood file.”

He praised the Sultanate of Oman for its mediation and intensive efforts to halt the war against Yemen.

In this context, Sayyed al-Houthi indicated that the Yemeni people and their free people, who have stood firm for eight years, cannot accept a state of no peace and no war.

He continued, “We do not accept depriving our people of their national wealth in entitlements related to salaries and public services.”

Al-Houthi stressed the red lines in the negotiations, saying: In any negotiations, we will not accept neglecting the achievements and gains of our people in freedom, independence and dignity, and these are red lines that we cannot neglect.

Al-Houthi stressed that the path of any dialogue or agreement would lead to the withdrawal of the “occupation forces” and the prevention of interference in our internal affairs.

The leader of Anssarallah warned of the importance of continuous vigilance and constant readiness in the face of all possibilities, including the return of war and escalation at any moment.

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