Sana’a Does Not Rule Out New Military Confrontation

A prominent leader in the Anssarallah movement, the “Houthis”, revealed on Monday the latest developments in the Yemeni situation amid ambiguity surrounding negotiations with Saudi Arabia led by the Sultanate of Oman.

Despite his affirmation of Sana’a’s desire to reach an agreement leading to lifting the siege and enabling the people of their wealth, Muhammad al-Bukhaiti, who is the governor of Dhamar and spokesman for the National Reconciliation Committee, did not rule out returning to a new round of military confrontation, but considered the next round, if it occurred, to be “to cut off the trail of aggression” in Sign that it will be decisive.

Al-Bukhaiti said in his on twitter account: “We would like to reach an agreement that leads to lifting the siege and empowering the people with their wealth, but God’s will may require a military tour to cut off the enemy.”

He added: “The next war will be different from the previous one, because it will be a war of depths, and we are ready for all possibilities.”

Although Al-Bukhaiti’s tweet comes at a time of increasing optimism about the possibility of announcing a new agreement, it also reflects the size of the complications that stand in the way of negotiations in light of Saudi Arabia’s maneuvering over some of the armistice extension’s entitlements.

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