Takfiris… the New Shield of Alimi

A new or old lineup for occupation mercenaries even if the names are different. It does not matter whether its name is “al-Jazeera shield” or “Al-Watan Shield.” after the occupier exhausted all his previous designations, from “Guardians of the Republic” to “Saba Brigades” to “Happy Yemen”…etc.

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The difference this time is that the new formation does not recognize geographical borders; it owes allegiance only to Riyadh alone, as it is the “guardian of the matter.” It also includes takfiris who have been carefully selected from the most radical and extremist groups. The Saudi occupation itself supervised on their training and rehabilitation years ago at the hands of American experts. So the day will come when Rashad Al-Alimi issues a decision regarding them as official forces “subject to him,” or according to the decision, subject to the “supreme commander.”

Soon, the features of the new play, which was prepared in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, became apparent. As soon as the “mercenary” Rashad al-Alimi returned to Aden, he took the initiative to issue a decision to form new forces under the name “Shield of the Nation”. It is the designation that was prepared a long time ago, and in the light of which groups and brigades were formed from the most extremist groups.

The meeting of US ambassador, Stephen Fagin, with the takfiri Abu Zara’a al-Muharrami was in Aden, and the latter then traveled to Riyadh, then his return with Al-Alimi, it contains many important details about what Washington and Riyadh are preparing from a new southern scene, it eliminates the previous tools of occupation with new ones.

Riyadh hastened to bless the decision issued by Al-Alimi to form the so-called “National Shield” forces, through Saudi journalists and experts, most notably Abdullah Al Hatilah and Zaid Al-Omari, it announced today her support for the move, which considered it “supporting the Republic of Yemen.”

However, the formation of this “National Shield Forces” is not new. These forces were supervised by the Saudi occupation over the past two years, as a military force parallel to that of UAE occupation. Especially with Riyadh’s decision to abandon Al-Khawanj factions, its historical subordinate in Yemen, it summoned the Takfiri Bashir Al-Madrabi for this matter, and he was assigned forces chosen from the most extremist and ideological groups, in addition to assigning them with unprecedented equipment.

What is new in the “National Shield” is Al-Alimi’s decision to adopt it and submit it directly to his leadership as the supreme commander of the armed forces, it is a step that will enhance his powers within the presidential authority and enable him to impose a new reality on the ground represented by gradually removing his opponents within the council from the scene, and reduce their influence politically and militarily, especially in light of the Saudi arrangements to reduce the members of the Council from eight to three only.

The Nation Shield groups and factions, whose leaders directly affiliated with the Saudi occupation, have about 21 brigades deployed in a number of occupied provinces, most notably Lahij.

According to observers, these forces are based on the motive of what they call the ruler in Riyadh, and they have received also training and arming at the hands of American and Saudi experts.

Takfiri Bashir Mudhrabi

Takfiri Bashir al-Mudharabi al-Subaihi was the most prominent candidate to take command of these forces.

Al-Mudarabi was the most prominent student of the Takfiri Hadith Center in Dammaj before he moved to Al-Sabiha city, his hometown in Lahij, where he participated with Takfiri Hamdi Al-Subaihi in forming a bloc called “The Giants of the West Coast.”

Al-Madrabi is considered one of the takfiri leaders within the “giants” against Abu Zara’a al-Muharrami, who was affiliated with UAE, before Saudi Arabia included him in its wing, and he fought struggles against the Emirati transitional leaders, which culminated in storming his house in Aden, looting it, and arresting him several times.

The new forces stationing

According to the data, these forces will not be stationed in Aden or Lahij, where they are currently stationed. Reports talk about Saudi Arabia’s decision to move its headquarters to Hadhramaut while keeping its camps in Al-Dhalea, Abyan and Lahij to surround Aden. This indicates that Saudi Arabia, which currently has three brigades in “Sharurah” area under the name “Shield of the Nation”, according to the Saudi journalist Ali Al-Areshi, it seeks to replace these forces as an alternative to Al-Khawanj factions in the “First Military” in the valley and desert of Hadhramaut, hoping to keep the province rich in oil and gas under its influence, in preparation for announcing its secession. As for the south, the survival of these forces, whose deployment has been expanded in Lahij to the northern outskirts of Aden, with their handing over Al-Anad base to Ras Abbas in Al-Buraiqah, in a state of alert indicates that the Saudi occupation expects an explosion of the situation in Aden, especially with its handing over to Abu Zaraa Al-Muharami the tasks of securing the southern provinces, as an alternative to the factions affiliated with Al-Zubaidi, amid the emergence of rebellion signs that began with the spread of the “storm” in the streets of Aden.

In terms of reactions on the decision to form these forces, UAE transitional council affirmed its rejection on the decision, threatening to storm Al-Ma’ashiq Palace and arrest Al-Alimi.

The occupied city of Aden witnessed unprecedented tensions, as forces affiliated with the Saudi occupation and others affiliated with the guard of Rashad Al-Alimi, deployed in the vicinity of AlMa’ashiq Palace, and it closed all the main streets leading to the palace, where Al-Alimi resides, amid fears of an impending attack.

The Transitional Council factions, affiliated with the mercenary Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, began today to withdraw from their most important positions in Aden, where the factions of the so-called ” the storm” were seen withdrawing from Crater District, in conjunction with the deployment of the “giants” mercenaries affiliated with Abu Zara’a al-Muharrami, after the latter took over the internal sites of AlMa’ashiq Palace and overlooking on neighboring hills.

It is expected that the deployment of al-Muharrami factions will include most of the main districts of Aden, most notably Crater and Khormaksar, in addition to the roads linking AlMa’ashiq and Aden Airport.

The positions of the Transitional Council leaders varied regarding the formation of the new forces, at a time when the leaders of the first ranks rushed to embrace Saudi Arabia again through statements by the Deputy Secretary-General of the Transitional Presidency, the mercenary Fadl Al-Jaadi, in which he minimized the differences with Saudi Arabia, others revealed the Council’s escalating fears from the repercussions of the formation of these forces on its southern factions, while others, headed by Salah bin Laghbar, considered the decision the beginning of Al-Alimi’s presence end in Aden, expecting the storming of AlMa’ashiq’s palace and arresting him, considering the decision a coup against the “presidential” occupation authorized to make such a decision.

In turn, the leader of UAE Transitional Council in Hadhramaut province, the mercenary Abdullah Mubarak Al-Ghaithi, said in a post on Twitter today: “The Shield of the Nation Forces, or rather AlSharia Shield, will be the alternative to Hadhrami Elite Forces, which the people of Hadhramaut demand to be deployed in the desert and valley of Hadhramaut.” He added, “Just wait, and it will replace the forces of the first military region, and they will say, ‘We have implemented Riyadh agreement.’”

“Al-Baydah Base” joins the “National Shield”

In the context, the so-called “Baydah Resistance”, formed by the Takfiri ISIS and Al-Qaeda organizations today, announced arrangements that took place during the past months to include this faction in the forces of what is known as the “National Shield”.

Takfiri Amer Al-Hamiqani, the spokesperson of these factions, stated in a post on his social media page that there have been arrangements for months to merge some factions loyal to the occupation coalition into the Nation Shield Forces. The most prominent of these is “Baydah Resistance” along with units from the “Fifth Military Region” stationed in Midi.

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