Sana’a Celebrates Eighth Anniversary of Departure of US Marines

A popular event was organized in Sana’a, in front of the US Embassy, to commemorate February 11, the day the US Marines in confused move ran away from Sana’a.

The Undersecretary of the Capital Municipality, Khaled Al-Madany, confirmed that the US Marines did not come to serve the people of Yemen, but rather came to do what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan in terms of killing, assassination and spread corruption.

He pointed out that the September 21 revolution thwarted the project to occupy Yemen and ended the foreign tutelage.

A statement issued by the mass stressed the importance of remembering this day and the bad attitudes and situations that were witnessed by the People of Yemen before the September 21 revolution in all fields.

They denounced in the strongest terms the Saudi regime’s attack and arrest of the Yemen’s resident Marwa Al-Sabri, and sentencing her to a full year in prison just for saying a word of truth, stressing that the people of Yemen will not stand idly by in front of these crimes, demanding her release without condition.

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