The Transitional Council on the List of International Sanctions

Saudi Arabia revealed on Saturday, arrangements to add leaders of the pro-UAE Transitional Council to the sanctions list.
This comes a few days before a meeting of UN Security Council to vote on the report of the Sanctions Committee and its extension.
Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:
Journalist Ali Al-Areshi, who is affiliated with Saudi intelligence, indicated in a post on his official page on social media that his country is seeking to renew the mandate the UN Sanctions Committee expert’s team regarding Yemen file. In addition to issuing a new list that includes personalities, entities, and parties that have played various subversive roles in Yemen, most notably those who describe it as the “remnants of the southern suburbs,” a term that Saudi activists began to describe, the Leaders of the Southern Transitional Council.
Regardless of what the Security Council will come up with, at its scheduled session at the end of this month, Al-Areshi’s tweets indicate that Saudi Arabia, which had earlier leaked details of a draft report to the Security Council, has begun pressure in the backrooms to put the transitional government on the sanctions list. Especially since these moves coincide with pressure on the council to dismantle its factions and end its military, political and economic influence.
It was not clear whether the Saudi move was to curb the forces affiliated with UAE, especially in light of its refusal to lift sanctions against the son of the former president residing in Abu Dhabi, Ahmed Ali, or an attempt to pressure on the transitional government to accept its agenda.

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