Saudi Arabia Mobilizes Huge Military Forces on the Outskirts of Aden

Hundreds of Saudi military and armored vehicles left on Wednesday Al-Wadiah border crossing towards Yemeni territory.

Sources familiar with the matter said that the countless vehicles left the Al-Wadiah crossing, likely heading towards the city of Aden, and Seiyun, the capital of the districts of Wadi Hadramout.

The sources pointed out the Saudi reinforcements towards Yemen indicates dangerous developments in the southern military scene, after Riyadh established the forces of the so-called “Shield of the Nation” belonging to extremist Salafist groups from the southern provinces.

On Tuesday, Mohammed Taher Anam, a leader of the “Salafi Rashad Party” and an advisor to the Supreme Political Council in Sanaa, confirmed that Saudi Arabia’s formation of those Salafi-jihadi forces a studied intelligence step to complicate political solutions in Yemen.

Earlier, Khaled Al-Shamiri, a head of the Center for Political Studies affiliated with the Emirates, affirmed that the so-called forces of Shield of the Nation that Saudi Arabia established from extremist Salafi groups have links to Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

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