UAE: Saudi-Backed ‘Dera Al-Watan Forces’ Linked to al-Qaeda

The head of the UAE’s Center for Political Studies, Khalid al-Shamiri, reveals news details about the identity of the forces established by Saudi Arabia from the Salafi groups “Dera Al-Watan forces” (Shield of the Homeland) in southern Yemen.

Khaled al-Shamiri, confirmed that the forces established by Saudi Arabia “Dera Al-Watan forces” are composed out of extremist Salafist group linked to al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Handing over Aden to these forces will be a disaster,” he said, adding that will destroy everything that the Southern Transitional Council (STC) has built over the past years, and will return it to the starting point.

Al-Shamiri addressed Rashad Al-Alimi and the leaders loyal to him by saying: “Your bet on the patience of the southerners and circumventing their pivotal issue and circumventing it will not solve the crisis in the country,” considering that handing over Aden to these forces will have ominous consequences.

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