Seized by Coalition, Dozens of Fishermen Arrive in Hodeida

About 33 Yemeni fishermen arrived on Thursday in Hodeida province after being seized by the Saudi-led coalition off Yemen’s Islands.

Deputy Director General of the General Authority for Fisheries, Mohammed Al-Omeisy, stated that 23 fishermen were received after being released from the prisons of the coalition forces for five days, in addition their boat and fishing equipment were confiscated.

He considered that the acts of piracy made by the coalition against fishermen in the Red Sea the war crimes in light of a shameful international silence.

Al-Omeisy called on the United Nations and the relevant organizations to take a responsible stance towards these violations and to protect the fishermen, for whom the sea is a source of livelihood for them and their families.

As the released fishermen explained, a group of coalition forces kidnapped them while they were fishing on Ardin Island, took them to Tarfa Island, detaining them for five days and threatening them not to come to the island again, in addition to torturing them.

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