Meets Minister of Defense, Al-Mashat Directs to Raise Readiness of Sana’a Forces

President of pro-Houthis Supreme Political Council (SPC), the highest ruling authority in Sana’a, Mahdi al-Mashat, met on Wednesday Minister of Defense, Major General Muhammad Nasser Al-Atefi.

During the meeting, aspects related to preparation and training in the armed and security forces were discussed.

Al-Mashat stressed the importance of preparing and training the armed and security forces, referring to the full readiness of the armed forces to defend the homeland at any time.

He praised the achievements of the armed and security forces in breaking the plans of Saudi-led coalition over the past eight years, pointing out that they presented the finest model of sacrifice and redemption, in defense of Yemen, its sovereignty and independence, which history will record in its brightest pages.

President of Sana’a (SPC) pointed to the strong faith and attachment of the Yemeni army to God, and a high patriotism that enabled it to confront the largest war that Yemen has been exposed to in history, praising the development of the capabilities of individuals and the development of locally manufactured weapons.

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