Major Rally in Sana’a Condemns Burning of Holy Quran in Sweden

The capital, Sana’a, witnessed on Monday afternoon a major mass rally under the slogan “Anger rally of the faith people against those who burned Quran” condemning the burning of a copy of the Holy Qur’an by extremists in Sweden.

The mass crowds raised banners emphasizing popular discontent and rejection of the repeated and deliberate Western abuses of Islamic symbols and sanctities, the latest of which was the burning of a copy of the Qur’an in Sweden by the Zionist lobby’s tools, Saba news agency said.

The masses strongly condemned the continuation of such hostile and provocative practices against the feelings of 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, stressing the need for serious action to deter and hold accountable those involved in these crimes and anyone who persists in violating the sanctities.

The participants chanted slogans condemning the West’s criminality and disregard for Muslim feelings, and called for confronting the Quran enemies and the Zionist schemes that target the nation and its sanctities.

They considered the abusive and hostile actions against the sanctities as evidence of the extent of criminality and hatred that the enemies of Islam and Muslims harbor, and the bankruptcy and moral decline that the West has reached.

The statement issued by the rally confirmed that the forces of tyranny and arrogance in the world, represented by America and the Zionist lobby controlling the West, seek to spread idle and wrong cultures and concepts, such Atheism and polytheism and propaganda for beliefs offensive to Allah Almighty.

It called on the West countries to liberate from the Jewish Zionism that humiliated them, corrupted them, completely controlled them, and enslaved them to the greatest extent.

The rally’s statement also stressed the need for Arab and Islamic regimes to move to defend Islam and its sanctities, and to take decisive punitive measures against those who violate the sanctities of the Islamic nation.

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