Israel Announces Implementation of Military Operations in Yemen

The Israeli entity officially announced that its army and Mossad agents carried out successful operations in Yemen, without disclosing the nature of the operations and whether these operations were carried out independently or alongside the Saudi-Emirati coalition, which has military relations with Israel.

This came in the statement of the outgoing Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, General Aviv Kochavi, to a number of the entity’s media outlets. Kochavi said that these operations included Syria, Lebanon and Iraq as well as Yemen.

Alleging that the anti-Israel forces in these countries are no longer able to carry out their operations freely.

Kochavi’s statement on the existence of Israeli operations in Yemen. It comes after reports of Israel’s participation on the side of the coalition in the war on Yemen, and the establishment of military bases with an Emirati front in Socotra and Mayyun.

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