Decision of Aden Government Is Disastrous and Irresponsible: 180 Organizations

180 civil society organizations in the city of Aden expressed on Sunday، their “categorical” rejection towards the coalition-backed government’s decision to raise the price of the customs dollar by 50%. Considering that it eliminating any glimmer of hope that leads to stabilizing the situation.”

In the petition they signed, the organizations said: “We were surprised by such a decision, which we would classify as disastrous and irresponsible if it was implemented. Certainly, the government’s decision to raise customs will burden the citizens, who suffer from various crises of poverty and high cost of living, and the lack of job opportunities in light of the weak role of the state in all its executive, judicial and legislative bodies, and the sharp collapse of currency and the national economy and armed unrest here and there.

The organizations called, “to move quickly to stop the implementation of this decision and compel the government to take other measures that do not affect the livelihood of the poor citizen, and that is by reducing government spending and paying their salaries in Yemeni riyals instead of dollars.”

In the same context, journalist Fathi bin Lazraq said that he, along with lawyer Nizar Sararo, submitted a case file to the Administrative Court against the pro- coalition government and its economic council.

Pointing out that the file included “an urgent request to suspend the implementation of the recent economic decisions, such as raising the price of customs tax and the prices of fuel, electricity and gas, because of their harm to the public interest.”

These recent decisions of Aden government sparked widespread popular discontent, especially since it came as a complement to previous decisions and procedures that burdened the citizen and exhausted the Yemeni economy until the price of the Yemeni riyal against the dollar reached 1300.

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