Imminent Eruption for Hadhramaut Battle, Huge Military Reinforcements to Mukalla

UAE sent, on Sunday, massive military reinforcements to the positions of its factions in the city of Mukalla, which comes in light of military tensions that indicate to imminent eruption of Hadhramaut battle against opponents.

The Emirati reinforcements that arrived at the Hadhrami Elite camps included military armored vehicles, transport vehicles for soldiers, and medium artillery.

The arrival of these reinforcements pushed the forces of the First Military Region of Islah Party, the bitter enemy of Emirates and its factions in the province to redeploy its forces on the outskirts of the city.

Mukalla lived yesterday Friday, on the impact of angry demonstrations and vigils, which pro-UAE Transitional Council succeeded in mobilizing it to demand the expulsion of the first military zone from the province.

On January 12, 2023, the first military region affiliated with Islah Party in Hadhramaut province witnessed the implementation of a military parade that raised many questions about its implications.

This coincided with the arrival of the Saudi military delegation to the province, which is witnessing an escalating state of tension between the party and the deployed Emirati factions in the province.

The forces of the first military region carried out a military parade inside their camps in Wadi Hadhramaut, with the participation of dozens of their members.

According to observers, this military parade of Islah comes in response to Saudi directives to move the headquarters of the” first military region” to the borders of the province, that is to remove them from the valley area, which is experiencing great tensions, and to spread them on the outskirts of the province.

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