Diplomatic Source in Sana’a Reveals Scenes of the Omani Visit

A diplomatic source in Sana’a revealed what the Omani delegation carries with on Thursday.

The Omani delegation visited the capital for the second time in less than two weeks, saying that he aims to mediate to stop Sana’a forces in targeting oil ports, reaffirming Sana’a’s adherence to its conditions for extending the armistice.

The source pointed out that Sana’a is under massive international pressure on Sana’a to allow the resumption of Yemen oil export. He stressed that Sana’a “adheres to its conditions for paying the salaries of all employees and lifting the blockade and air embargo in return for resuming oil pumping,” according to Al-Mayadeen channel.

He pointed out that the Omani mediation is making unremitting efforts to bridge the points of view on the humanitarian issue. and focus on renewing the armistice, considering that UN envoy’s talk about working on a political settlement is surprising, and that he “sells and markets illusion to the Yemenis and the world by talking about baseless facts about what is taking place during the talks.”

Regarding the ongoing talks on the humanitarian file, the source in Sana’a said, “They have stalled with the Saudi coalition’s intransigence in making concessions.”

Considering that, “the continued cessation of Yemeni cross-border military operations, despite the end of the armistice, encouraged the war coalition to persist.”

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