Arrangements in Oman for New Agreement in Yemen

The Omani capital witnessed on Thursday, regional and international movements in Yemen file, amid expectations of announcing a new breakthrough, during the past hours, Muscat hosted a meeting that brought together the UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grodenberg, and the Sultanate’s foreign minister, Badr al-Busaidi.

Omani media reported that the discussion focused on arranging a political process with the participation of all parties and with international support.

The arrival of the international envoy to Muscat, after months of stagnation in his movements, coincides with the arrival of a Gulf delegation comprising Omanis and Saudis to Sana’a, amid the optimism of officials in the Yemeni capital about the new visit, after the head of Sana’a delegation, Muhammad Abdul Salam, officially confirmed the regional parties’ acquiescence to Sana’a’s demands regarding the provision of humanitarian files.

It is not yet clear whether Grodenberg’s move aims to arrange for new negotiations or just an attempt by him to find out what is going on behind the scenes of the Omani mediation. However, its timing, in light of the optimism signs, predicts the imminent announcement of a new agreement that may relate to a cease-fire or an extension of the armistice.

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