Disobedience Paralyzes Movement in the Most Important Yemeni Ports

The strikes paralyzed on Tuesday, the most important seaports in southern Yemen. This coincides with the merchants’ decision to withdraw from those ports under the control of the Saudi coalition.

Hundreds of merchants carried out demonstrations in front of Aden ports. Meanwhile, media sources in the city reported that merchants decided to stop clearing their customs transactions, withdraw their goods from the ports under the control of Aden government, and redirect them towards Hodeida.

The ports of Aden and Hadhramaut, and the land ports, in particular, witnessed complete paralysis during the past hours.

These developments come a day after the decision of Aden government, or what is known as “Humanitarian Cell,” to raise customs duties by 50%.

The decision raises the customs dollar price from 500 to 750 riyals.

This is the second time that Aden government raises customs in two years, as it had previously raised it by 300%.

The decision would burden citizens with more financial burdens and limit their purchasing power in light of the interruption of salaries and the collapse of the local currency.

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