Media Campaign, Saudi Arrangements to Extract Islah Sovereign Portfolios in Aden Government

Saudi Arabia escalated its attack against the Yemeni Islah Party – the political arm of Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen – official Saudi newspapers devoted a wide space to attacking Islah Party, which is considered the most prominent Yemeni force loyal to the coalition it has been leading in Yemen for eight years.

Okaz newspaper published an editorial under the title “The Bankrupt Brotherhood and Yemen.”

The newspaper described the party as identifying with what it described as the “Iranian project.” Accusing its leaders of communicating with Anssarallah movement, “Houthis.”

The newspaper pointed out to the need to confront the party and its conspiracies, accusing it of trying to strike the Presidential Council and dragging Yemen into a civil war.

The article also reviewed a number of what he described as the party’s plots and intrigues.

The Saudi media attack against the Yemeni Islah Party coincides with several developments in the Yemeni scene, as a British newspaper revealed, on Monday, arrangements to remove the remaining influence of Islah Party in the pro-coalition government, southern of Yemen.

The “Independent” newspaper, in its Arabic version, reported that the Saudi capital is witnessing intense movement of changes in the government of Aden, including its current president.

The expected changes, according to the newspaper, will include Islah portfolios, most notably the Interior ministry, as well as higher education and other ministries affiliated with the party, within eight expected amendments.

It is expected that the expected changes will be distributed among the eight members of the Presidential Council.

The expected changes will represent a blow to Islah, especially in light of the focus on his portfolios only, which will end his influence in power.

During the last period, the party exposed to a gradual reduction in influence with the removal of its defense minister, Muhammad al-Maqdashi, and before him Ali Mohsen, and many ministers affiliated with it or allied with it.

It is not yet clear whether these Saudi-led measures amount to an official announcement to abandon the party, in light of reports that Riyadh and Sana’a are close to a new agreement, or against the background of the party’s leadership starting an external movement.

The last of which was the Washington conference, which angered Riyadh.

However, the attack coincided with the party’s encirclement in its last stronghold in eastern Yemen, an indication of Saudi Arabia’s decision to get rid of it completely, especially in light of Western reports about changes in Aden government targeting the influence of Islah.

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