Hadhramaut: Tribal Alliance Reveals Arrangements for Battles Against STC

The regions of Hadhramaut Valley and desert witnessed escalating tension, amid local fears of a military explosion.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

The forces of the First Military Region, affiliated with Islah party, expanded their deployment in those areas by creating combat positions.

This coincides with the pro-Saudi alliance of Hadhramaut tribes revealing arrangements for a military coup within the region affiliated with Islah party, by equipping a brigade under the supervision of the new Chief of Staff, Amer bin Hitan.

He also confirmed a tendency to recruit thousands of tribal fighters under the supervision of the Security Director of Valley and Desert, who is fighting a struggle against the First Military, the last of which was because of his attempt to confiscate a shipment of drones.

On the other hand, the Transitional Council continued to dispatch fighters from Al-Dhale and Yafa’a to the valley and desert of Hadhramaut. According to the Saudi expert, Ali Arishi, the council transported hundreds of its fighters in civilian clothes and in the face of Sheikh Karama Al-Kathiri.

STC fighters are now camping in two camps in Wadi Hadhramaut, as part of arrangements to attack the oil plateau in the valley and desert, despite Saudi warnings.

These developments coincided with Saudi arrangements by pushing the reference of the tribal alliance to the forefront of the scene.

He indicates that Hadhramaut is heading towards a decisive battle. In the context, the so-called “Hadhrami League” warned of what it described as a “proxy war” that is beating its drums in the valley and desert of Hadhramaut, in a statement, the league held UAE and Saudi Arabia responsible for that.

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