Hadhramout Tribes Approve Recruitment of 10,000 Fighters

The “Hadhramout Tribes Alliance” on Saturday approved the opening of the recruitment door for 10,000 members from the valley and desert districts of Hadramout province to confront threats in all districts, YPA reported.

This moves by the tribes alliance aims to block the way for the UAE-funded Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias to control the province.

A statement issued by the tribes’ alliance during a meeting held in the city of Sayoun confirmed the alliance’s support for the leadership of the “First Military Region” affiliated with the Islah Party, calling for the formation of a brigade to be under the command of the Military Region’s chief of staff,” Amer bin Hatian Al-Nahdi.

In their statement, the tribes demanded the recruitment of 3,000 members from the valley’s districts within the security services to maintain security and social peace in all districts, and rejected the recruitment or presence of any armed elements from outside Hadhramout, whatever the pretexts for their presence.

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