Aden: Oil Commissions Spark Disputes between PM and Oil Minister

The commissions sparked on Wednesday, new disputes within Aden government Abdul Malik in Aden.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Sources in Aden government reported that the oil minister affiliated with the transitional government, Al Shamasi was behind the recent leaks on oil sales deals. Noting that Al-Shamasi refuses to receive his commissions from the last deal, which stipulated the sale of sector S2 from OMV. in Austrian company Zenith Dutch.

The sources indicated that Al-Shammasi demanded a larger share as compensation for previous deals in exchange for his efforts to secure the sale.

However, the prime minister of Aden government Maeen, stressed on the need to reduce the quota, as it is not enough for the rest of the officials.

Activists on social media circulated official documents for deals to sell new oil fields in Shabwah.

The concluded deal for 20 million dollars for the benefit of Aden government, as commissions received in installments and about four million annually.

During the past year, Aden government concluded four deals to sell the four most important oil fields in Shabwah.

The deals are managed by Emirati or Austrian companies, in which UAE, through ADNOC, holds a large stake.

Observers believe that UAE has exploited its influence in Shabwah by acquiring oil fields. It is now trying to sell it or shares of it, to other subcontractors in an attempt to camouflage and share the shares in light of the entry of major countries on the war line in Yemen.

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