Al-Houthi: Truce Extension Rejected in Light of Continued “Aggression”, Blockade

Member of Sana’a Supreme Political Council (SPC), Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi, on Monday said that there are many obstacles in light of the war and the blockade, and therefore the extension of the truce was rejected.

“We cannot live in a state of no peace and no war,” Mohammed Al-Houthi added during an expanded meeting with the leadership of the local, executive, judicial, security and social authorities in Dhamar province, which reviewed the administrative, service and social situation in the province.

At the meeting, Mohammed Al-Houthi indicated that the “enemy” is working on two parts, a conspiracy to tear the internal ranks, including stirring up partisan, sectarian and regional strife and feuds, and the second part is by imposing a siege and closing the screws until services and institutions collapse.

“We are waging a military, security, administrative and service battle in various fields,” he said, affirming that what was presented during the meeting would be raised to the higher authorities to do the necessary work.

Al-Houthi expressed his confidence that the people of Dhamar would have a pioneer role in defending the homeland and advancing this agricultural province.

He pointed out that there have been cases of vendetta for many years, and with everyone’s efforts, work will be done to reach reconciliation.

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