Sana’a: Minister of Interior Reveals American Plan to Target Home Front

Minister of Interior of Sana’a government, Major General Abdulkarim Amir al-Din al-Houthi, said on Sunday the security services would soon reveal some large cells working in connection with Americans and the Saudi-led coalition to influence the home front.

The Minister of Interior stated that there is a great American tendency in light of the “no war and no peace” situation to influence the home front and sow discord among society.

He explained that the security services are waging “a security war with the “American enemy”, who monitors everything inside the country in order to exploit it, and ignite chaos, the parties of which he controls.”

The Minister of Interior confirmed that the security services are on high vigil, and the society plays an auxiliary role in thwarting “satanic plots” that attempt to breach civil peace and public tranquility.

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